Sail Chef

You've been out sailing all day with your companion, date or party of friends, and sunset approaches as you dock. Permit Chef Ricky and staff here on to help you, yourself, prepare anything from an intimate and romantic candlelit dinner for two, to a wild dinner party for 10.

Pick up ideas on preparing meals, either onboard, or at home, in advance  and "picnic-basket" it, using ideas on unique meals and eats,using the freshest ingredients, and where to  obtain them locally, hints on using your galley, and tried and true techniques, using our entertaining (we hope!)  "foodie" style "watch us cook", Videos, , or step by step print-out recipes to create your Seafaring repast. And enjoy videos of our visits with Mariner-Musician-Chefs and some of the areas hottest and most engaging Chefs. 


 Send us comments and requests, Choose your own courses, or select from one of our well- tested a'la carte' entre and full dinner menus. 

"Captain, please call your guests to table-Dinner is served-SailChef style!"